So what’s this you ask! well My mate Simon (AKA Sessionblogger) contacted me to ask if I fancied contributing to his new series “TENWE” or The Early Nineties Were Easier – a nostalgic look back at some of the bands and music that carved our own love of music today.

Being a Nineties Indie kid, now a slightly older but still loving “indie” kid, how could I refuse.  The only dilemna I had was what music to feature – anyhow I have settled on one of the best 90s bands that in fact I stumbled across purely by chance…

In the late 80’s /early 90’s you could rent music CDs and casette tapes from my local library. It cost less than a quid a week to rent these, so it was perfect for me to get down to my local “Woolies” buy a pack of ten 90 minute TDK casette tapes and copy the music I borrowed. Kind of an early day Piratebay, i suspose, but it was a cheap and easy way for us poor student types to obtain great music for a small price. I would visit the library each week and stock up on the latest music I was into, and more often than not decided to borrow other tapes and CDs just coz the band or artist were on the same record label as ones I already knew and loved – or in this case, just ’cause the cover looked “cool!

…And there began my love of Carter USM!

From the first strains of “You Fat Bastard” on “Surfin USM” I was hooked!  In fact my parents grew sick of hearing that album as I played it over and over again.  It still remains one of my all time favourite albums,  there are no stand out tracks its just a great album from start to finish.

But, if I had to chose one to highlight what a great album this is ( for those who dont already know) it would have to be this one – “A Prince in a Paupers Grave”  …blinding!

I was amazed to finf the above video on Youtube becuase Carter USM were also the first ever “proper” live gig I went to… and my first ever trip to the fabulous ( or it seemed it back then!) Brixton Academy.  The date was 9th November 1991 – 6 days after my sixteen birthday – an age when my parents finally agreed I was old enough to go to a gig without them!  I remember it well -Carter were supported by The Inspiral Carpets – another of those highly under-rated nineties indie bands.  It has to go down as one of th best gigs I have been to, simply because they were two of my favourite bands of the time, I was allowed there with my mates – and we managed to pursuede the bar staff we were old enough to by beers!  I even managed to get a bootleg copy of the concert on casette tape a few weeks later !

The above video is actually from the gig I went to and brings back some great memories!

And so my love of Carter USM was born.  Of course, I went back to the library and “borrowed” Carters first album “101 Damnations”, but when “1992 The Love Album” was released I actually went to Record House in Thame (Oxon) and purchased it!  Another fantastic album added to collection, and if you want some final proof have a listen to Jimbobs version of “The Impossible Dream” sung live on TOTP in their bid for Xmas Number one – they didnt make it!, but the song is great anyway, and a great way to sign off this blog post

If you like indie music and fancy something a little different/new head over to my music blog at where I try and feature great new/unsigned UK Indie bands.


I knew it wouldn’t take too long to inspire a bit of a longer blog post, and therefore to re-open NotJustAnotherBlog, if only for a one-off “hit”. Those of you who are on Twitter, and like your music may follow @Daley_84, who recently posted his own summers playlist, with a request for others to get involved.

You can check out Craig’s Playlist by clicking here.

Once Craig had uploaded his playlist the weather turned nasty again, and it hasn’t been until today that I have felt inspired to log my own Summer Playlist. I hope it inspires you to listen, and indeed join in if you like!

As I started this blog post the sun was just beginning to set after a glorious sunny evening. I had spent til gone eight o clock playing footie in the park with the kids, so my first song takes me back to the summer of 96, England were out of the Euros (no surprise there) but this song sticks with me as not only a fantastic summer tune, but one with memories of beer, football and good times:

1. Safrio Duo – The Bongo Song

Next up for me is a summer tune from the late eighties.  I’m sure this song was some movie or other at the time, cant remember what, but it reminds me of summer as kid, so here for your delight is a spot of Bruce Willis!:

2. Bruce Willis & The Temptations – Under The Boardwalk

I found this band online a few months ago and absolutely love their sound.  As a kid I remember being taken to the Summer Fete in the village up the road and they always had a band playing there with a guy with a banjo and some old fella singing.  These guys are far better than that but the sound is similar!  Checkout,

3 “The Seaweed Under the Sofa” by Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers

Ok, just over half way through now and, guess what?  The weather has taken another turn for the worst outside my window.  Serves me right, I guess for not concluding the writing of this post on the one sunny day we have had in June this year.  Which leads me nicely onto my next track:

4. “Seven Days in Sunny June” – Jamiroquai

If that song doesn’t make you think of kicking back, opening a beer and chilling in the sunshine, then I don’t know what will!

Ok, next is a fantastic tune from, in my opinion, a completely under-rated 90s/00s indie band.  Toploader.  This tune reminds me of my student days and dancing the night away.  It’s a happy jolly tune that you cant help but smile at once you have had a listen.  Do you remember “Toploader”?

5. Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight

I was going to stop there, but then I realised, no Summer playlist would be complete without a track from the mighty sunshine-ready, Lighthouse Family.  Thinking about summer songs, there are loads that would get you thinking of summery days.  if you got hold of the Lighthouse Family’s greatest hits album you would find it a ready-made summer soundtrack.  Perfect for those Summer BBQs and parties.

In fact, bearing in mind our lovely British summer weather, this track is particularly applicable!

6. Lighthouse Family – Raincloud

And on that final theme, lets finish on a classic, from the mighty “The Cult”.  Nowhere near as good as “She Sells Sanctuary” and probably wouldn’t actually appear on a “Summer Playlist” normally, but, we are in the UK, and our summer weather is crap ( and wet) so this is totally appropriate!

7. The Cult – Rain

So, there you go guys.  There are just a few tracks to get you in the summer mood, whatever the weather.  Hope you enjoyed them.  If you did, or even if you didn’t, why not join in and blog about what would be on your summers playlist?

Finally, a shameless plug for a new blog I have set up to highlight new music I have found on the net.  The blog is set up to have brief updates easily viewable on your mobile devices and allows you to delve into the tunes I am listening to or have found.

Check out the blog at Hornetmusic

and/or follow @hornetmusic on twitter

Stumbled across this band tonight. If you like stuff like portishead then these guys are on a par, if not better! Check out their site where there are loads of tracks, videos and more info! I hope you enjoy! I AM LIGHTS

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So, this band just happened to pop up on Tom Robinsons 6music Introducing mix tape the other day and the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day!  So I did a bit of digging and realised these guys, Bark Bark Disco, are offering their album for NOWT!  Thats right, some quality lo-fi pop for didly-squat!  Take a listen and see if you like it! ( I do)!  Nice!!!


Your Mum Says Hello – Bark Bark Disco

Well, not the actual band, they have been around a bit longer! But, their album "All I Have Is Here", has been out for a year. Its a fantastic album, well worth a listen. AND, if you head over to bandcamp now you can get it for whatever price you like! Hope you enjoy it! >>

I was quite chuffed to stumble across this new project by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.  The new band Ultraísta is a collaboration with drummer Joey Waronker and 24-year-old Laura Bettinson,  you can check out their latest sounds on Ultraista Soundcloud  Reminds me a lot of Portishead!  Enjoy!

If you havent come across these guys before, I recommend you take a listen.  The Daydream Club are an acoustic folk duo consisting of northern lass Paula Walker and Midlands lad Adam Pickering.

The Daydream Club’s latest single “Neon Love Song (Part II)” has been chosen by Burberry to be part of their new Summer 2012 Eyewear campaign alongside a cast of other British Musicians .  Check the video to this haunting melody, out below: